Getting ready…

In case we don’t have your mailing address, here is the announcement that Beau and I mailed out earlier this week.


We have received so much love and support from our family and friends. We are so thankful.

We are still (impatiently) waiting for our placement to be official. We are hoping it will happen in the next two weeks! Please continue to join us in praying that everything goes smoothly and these two kiddos get to come home soon!

Many have asked how they can help us prepare for their arrival, so we’ve created a couple of lists onlineย here andย here.

We will share more as soon as we can!



Big News!

(I shared this last week on Instagram – but for family/friends who don’t follow us there…)

Beau and I have spent the better part of this year applying to be foster/adoptive parents. It is something that has been on our hearts and minds for some time now and we decided shortly after the New Year to take that leap of faith! The application process has been long and somewhat difficult โ€“ but we know it will be worth it.

We have a possible placement โ€“ a sibling group. We are a little nervous, but mostly excited. (Iโ€™m probably making our family specialist crazy by checking in every other day.) Please join us in praying that these kiddos get to come home with us soon โ€“ and that God will provide everything we need to prepare for their arrival!



Sunday (photo) funday

I am really enjoying playing with our new camera!!!

“What is dis, mom?” – PL

Maggie Mae, considering joining us outside

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip cake I made this afternoon

Some cute guy bought me a cupcake at Crave

Peanut butter + chocolate = yum

Penny Lane and her papa

This girl loves to run and play, especially with her dad



It’s been a while!

Man, I’ve really gotten out of posting. I’d like to get back into it. Beau and I are about to start a new adventure that I think I’d like to documentย here. More on that later.

Earlier this week, we purchased a refurbished DSLR online. I finally got to play with it today. I’m excited to get back into it.ย It’s been a while since those high school photography classes in though, so I’ve got a lot to (re)learn. I think I got some decent shots today though!

Knockout roses at my parent’s house

A neighbor’s water hose – this shot was Beau’s idea

Avery Lou – my parents’ cat

My parents’ pool table – this shot was taken by Beau

Beau trying “The Bad Decision” burger at The Shack

Maggie Mae – exploring the great outdoors

MM – back indoors

More to come – hopefully!